If you’re looking for resources to improve your content marketing, but aren’t ready for our full-service offerings, here are a few tools that we recommend you have in your content marketing toolbox. It’s important to note that we are affiliates for any company listed on this page.¬† We get paid a commission if you decide to purchase the product. However, we only recommend products that we use currently or have used in the past.

Social Media

HootSuite Pro


Create a free website for your business with Weebly!

Email Capture



We’re great writers and editors, but sometimes we make mistakes too. We use Grammarly to double check all of our content assets.
This tool  provides suggestions that improve the quality of your work. Click here to try it out for free.
Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Here’s a screenshot of the software:

You can see how Grammarly improves your writing by recommending that you eliminate excess words and fix grammar issues. It works better than the standard editor provided by your software program. If you’re purchasing articles from overseas, the plagiarism checker comes in real handy.


Don’t attempt to create content marketing without an editor. Your content builds your authority. Bad grammar and spelling issues leave the impression that you don’t care about quality. If you’re not ready to hire a professional, at least use a software program to help you. Click our affiliate link for Grammarly to get the best deal.